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Possible Impacts of Using Bed Bug Control Pesticides

Understand that when bed bug control pesticides are used by individuals, you need to be able to cope with these possible side effects:

The company declares that an infestation can be made worse through wrong or inexperienced pesticide use. Bed bugs are understood to disperse into flats and adjoining rooms to prevent pesticide sprays. Some bed bug populations have developed resistance to nearly all pesticides approved to treat them, an inherent danger of using pesticides. Your issue cans just worsen and lead to total resistance.

Sickness caused by using bed bug pesticides has been documented by the CDC when label directions were followed. Both people and applicators who enter rooms are in danger. Symptoms include trouble breathing, headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Many bed bug pesticides don’t kill eggs. Re- other or program means of long term control will probably be essential.

Precautions to Take When Using Bed Bug Control Products

If you decide that pesticides are essential, take these precautionary measures to minimize the possibility of adverse effects:

Prevent using insecticide foggers or “bug bombs.” Exposure is unavoidable with these items, either through touching a surface contaminated by fogger deposit or breathing the fog.

Avoid spray treatments that are day-to-day.

These strategies are not effective, lead to bed bug pesticide resistance, and put folks. Pay particular attention to whether the product is approved for indoor use, and ensure that it’s intended for bed bugs.

Use powdered pesticides in places which are not accessible to pets and kids.
Tell everyone living and working in the region of the treatment strategy and the security precautions they should take to prevent sickness.

Always read and follow the label directions on the pesticide product. The label is the law and you could be liable for any damage caused by not following directions. Use just U.S. EPA-approved products (see Regulatory Update below for more details).

Kinds of Bed Bug Pesticides

There are more than 300 pesticide products approved to be used against bed bugs; most include compounds called pyrethroids. Many bed bug populations have developed resistance to their derived cousins, pyrethrins and pyrethroids. Some bed bug pesticides are limited for use solely by licensed pest control professionals. Generally, professionals have expertise and the resources to use pesticides more efficiently than residents can perform on their own.

01 Jul 2014