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David Suzuki Foundation: Acute Pesticide poisoning in Canada
Medical Officer’s position on Cosmetic  Pesticides
Danish lessons on pesticides
Collingwood adopts pesticide by-law
Ontarians want same protection as Quebec -Provincial Poll
Oakville passes pesticide by-law 10 to 3
Pest Control Mississauga: Safe Solutions
Pesticides move behind counter – P.E.I
Green-friendly Alternatives to Lawns
MPP Survey
Gananoque bans urban pesticide use
Georgina bans cosmetic pesticide
Newmarket bans pesticide use on lawns
London bans the use of pesticides
61 banned pesticides widely used in Canada
Altered breast tissue development
Response to Pest Control Canada
Excellent link, water efficient gardens
2,4-D — is “persuasively linked” to cancer
Majority supports a Bylaw in Ontario

Markham Residents Support Pesticide Bylaw
Croplife Appeal Dismissed AGAIN
Pesticides affecting male population
Canadian Cancer Society Speaks Out

Doctors Confirm Pesticide Danger OCFP
2,4 D poses an unacceptable risk
Critique of PMRA Re-evaluation

19 Apr 2013